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Originally Posted by KC10 FATboy View Post
Critical thinking is not your forte. Exxon/Mobile did so because they can game the system for political tax dollars and tax breaks. This is exactly the same scenario with many of these doomsayer collegiate professors.

It is in the professors' and colleges' financial best interest if the professors stay out of the classroom and in the research labs making money, raking in those research tax dollars. The more money they bring in, the more they can advertise, some would say brag, to future students.

Professors are now making excuses saying they can't relate to individuals who lack basic concepts in their field of study; therefore, delegating the teaching responsibility to others while they can conduct research and crank out the research grants/tax dollars. In fact, in recent years, this trend has accelerated. Even schools who were known for having professors teaching are now giving in to this trend.

If you want to get to the truth, follow the money.

There is nothing like those good old research tax dollars and research grants (federal govt. handouts) to motivate folks to crank out predictions no matter how biased and outlandish. The bolder the predictions, the more attention and more tax dollars/grant money that comes flowing in.

“Wait, I can top your prediction!” = $$$$$$
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