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Default Re: Climategate--The Final Chapter

Originally Posted by RhinoPherret View Post
There is nothing like those good old research tax dollars and research grants (federal govt. handouts) to motivate folks to crank out predictions no matter how biased and outlandish.
Those of us who garden have noticed growing seasons and hardiness zones creeping north. It can also be seen in the spawning habits of fish and the migratory patterns
of birds. The oceans are getting so acidic in some areas due to carbon absorption, crustacean shells and corral are dissolving. Insects like boring beetles, mosquitoes
and ticks are starting to survive the winters at northern latitudes where they didn't before.

The media should be asking climate change deniers if the birds, fish, plants, insects
and crustaceans are in on the world-wide conspiracy to justify government funding
for climate science.

There isn't an educated nation on the planet that wouldn't laugh climate cranks like
Roy Spencer or James Inhofe off the public stage.

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