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Originally Posted by Ultralight View Post
So we already know that some senior guys at the regionals have the golden handcuffs and can't / won't take the first year pay cut to move on to the majors.
We are now starting to see more flight schools offer pay which far exceeds the regional's year one pay. How many instructors are willing to take a $10,000 pay cut to sit reserve in ORD?

This add form the orange web site.

"CFI in Pensacola FL. Preference will be given to CFII but will consider all applicants. Salary $32,000."
What a tool! Have you ever heard of someone going from instructing in a 172 to flying for Delta? You have to start out somewhere to make the big bucks. That is like staying in the Farm leagues instead of going to the majors just because you don't want to sit on the bench for a few games.
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