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Originally Posted by AcesHigh View Post
So many guys here complaining on APC you sound worse than females... I don't write on here often, I'd rather just be on the outside looking in. SOS day in and day out on the forums..

Got a problem? Make change... Don't take no for an answer. Go to your union representatives. Instead of you complaining that your back is against the wall, do what needs to be done to have these higher up's realize what their doing is wrong and actually effecting YOU the "working" people and blood lifeline to the company.

And I know what a lot of you are saying, "easier said than done" Well just like you having to start from the bottom to get to where you want to be, you gotta start somewhere. Quit the whining man up, and do something about the situation.I swear my 6 year old niece doesn't complain as much as some of the people on here do.
This. I was instrumental in making several changes at the place I CFIed. You can let people run all over you or you can put your foot down. Turns out you can earn a pretty good living doing that with lots of opportunities to fly different aircraft and paths to solid careers. Unfortunately the SJS keeps trying to undercut everything though and there's little reason for any operation to treat employees as if they are a scare resource. Point though is you really can make a change, it takes imagination and determination. It's not necessarily easy, but it's possible. Thinking about how many people got into this job so they could have 15 days off a month and earn executive salaries by flying an airplane, it may be probable that there is little motivation to fix anything...
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