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Originally Posted by Airlinewisdom View Post
I hope the CFIs are smart enough to look beyond next year to figure out where they will be in 5 or 10 years if they stay a CFI vs going to a regional. Do your home work. Virtually every regional pilot who has a good work history and clean training record will get hired by the majors. Compare the average days off and career pay of a major, or regional, pilot to that of a career CFI and you have your answer.
I don't think anyone would consider being a career CFI. I know I was done with it when I hit 1,000 hours dual given. With the new ATP rule though, a CFI might have other options than the regionals. As far as prospects and job security, just ask the 8 year Comair F.O.s who got kicked to the street and start at the bottom of the regional pile all over again. There are risks either way I guess.
Military is appealing to the majors, but not a fast way to build time.
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