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Originally Posted by eskimopilot View Post
What's the scoop? Bueller? Bueller?

I'm still holding my breath.
On Oct 29. 4 males 2 females, started class. From USAF, Skywest, Horizon and Allegiant. + 3 returning from LOA. AS seems to hire a good mix of folks. Slow hiring should continue. I would not expect more than 50-80 next year. And that would be a lot.

AS is small, fiscally conservative. Hiring is slow, growth is slow. They just posted the best quarterly earnings ever in the history of the company. Upgrades are about 12 years. We have a fairly young pilot group. Not a lot of retirements. If you want to work here living in the west at an online station would be best. In a base even better. Schedules for commuting are not that great.

I was at several airlines in the 80's, living in the east and was glad to be hired here. I was unemployed and sleeping in my car. There were times I thought about leaving but glad I didn't. Overall it's a pretty good place to work. But If I lived east of DEN and did not want to move.... Other airlines are starting to hire and you would probably be happier somewhere else. Commuting sucks. I know I do it.

IMO in the next 5 years AS will probably be bought by someone bigger (DL would be my first choice) or will buy someone else.

They are very picky right now on who they hire because they can be. Lots of super qualified people. but it should loosen up in the next year or so.

Good luck.
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