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Originally Posted by Pilotpip View Post
Rated in 10 days, yes. Ready to fly single-pilot in IMC in 10 days. NO.

The instrument rating, out of all of them is most likely to kill you without enough time in the plane with an experienced instructor.

Originally Posted by Slice View Post
I think it is too fast! Yes, you can be trained to fly an ILS but other than landing a plane, I believe instruments is the most important phase of a pilot's training. Anyone can be trained to pass a checkride, but do you understand what you have just learned long term? In 10 days, no f-ing way!

Excellent points! I thought about doing the IFR stuff in a 10 day course. But I didn't and I'm glad! These quick IFR courses will get you ready for the checkride but not the reality of IMC flight BY YOURSELF! The IFR is definitely worth taking at least a month to do so you can absorb the tons of information you will be facing. The commercial is a different story but definitely take your time with your IFR rating.
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