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yes but you arnt going to get it with only a handfull of hours. You gotta pay your dues like everyone else has. If you dont want to give up your current lifestyle then don't, go buy an airplane or into a partnership and fly there.

However, since you own the business can you take time off to go fly and still bring in the same cash that you were before? I dont know if you have that kinda flexibility or not.

And are you starting from scratch or do you already have ratings and hours? cause if you are starting from the beginning its going to be a tougher road and you maybe forced to change your lifestyle alittle or alot.

I don't mean to get you down but sometime if you have a dream to do something you make sacrifices it sucks but you have to do it. It doesn't sound like you really that much to give up though. If you really really want to be a pilot go for it. Just realize the beginning sucks!
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