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Default Part 91 SIC Questions and Advice

First off I want to say I understand I am very lucky to be in the position I'm in. In my case it TRULY is who you know when it comes to part 91 flying. I often pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming. Now my story:

I currently have 4 hours TT. Yes, 4 hours. But I do have more aviation background than the typical student pilot. I have a connection with a company (currently a gag order so no specifics here) that will be purchasing a Global 5000 and they want me to fly it. I understand it will take some time but my connection has a lot of pull in the company and they are willing to pay for ALL of my flight training including getting me SIC type rated until I get my hours up.

I have my B.S. and I have looked into finishing my flight training at ATP Flight School. By going there it will allow me to receive ~275 total hours with 100 hours Multi time. I will also receive my CFI, CFII, and MEI. From there I will be sent to Montreal or Dallas to become SIC type rated as I will be flying Internationally.

I understand the regs pertaining to part 61.55 but the only thing that I am not sure about is part 91.1053 crewmember experience:

(a) No program manager or owner may use any person, nor may any person serve, as a pilot in command or second in command of a program aircraft, or as a flight attendant on a program aircraft, in program operations under this subpart unless that person has met the applicable requirements of part 61 of this chapter and has the following experience and ratings:
(1) Total flight time for all pilots:
(i) Pilot in command—A minimum of 1,500 hours.
(ii) Second in command—A minimum of 500 hours.

Does the min 500 hours TT only apply for part 135 flying or also 91? If so, am I able to fly in the right seat for domestic flights to build time until I get SIC type rated? I guess what's confusing is what's considered a "program flight/aircraft". I'd appreciate any info on part 91 flying. Also, any advice with ATP flight school is welcome!

I understand many well qualified pilots would kill to be in the position I am in and it is a dream come true! No big head on these shoulders.

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