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Originally Posted by galaxy flyer View Post
Assuming we're talking about a private FAR 91 operation, that reg doesn't apply, it applies to fractionals. That said, there are a raft of obstacles to you flying a Global in either seat--TRTOs might have a problem guaranteeing training, insurance might be a problem, whoever they hired as chief would certainly have an issue. The fact is there are loads of Global-rated guys seeking work.

Thanks Galaxy Flyer for simply answering the question, giving some additional productive food for thought and not ranting about how dangerous or what not a 4 hour pilot may be. I cant understand how on these forums especially when an aspiring pilot is asking a perfectly good question they get $hat on by others saying he would be dangerous or the owner is crazy etc. Just answer the question like galaxyflyer did and be supportive to someone who wants to join our little brotherhood/sisterhood.

Good luck mate. Im sure you will realize just what experience you will need to get where you want to go. My advice ... don't rush anything your not ready for.

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