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Originally Posted by Zoot Suit View Post
The earth has been here for billions of years. In that time, temps have risen, temps have fallen. Water levels have risen, water levels have fallen. Deserts are now oceans, oceans are now deserts. Continents have moved thousands of miles. The ice age came and went. ALL BEFORE MAN WAS HERE.

Now you want to tell me that man has managed to throw our habitat off kilter in just 100 years of industrialization?????

And on top of that you want to tell me the way to fix it is to tax it??? The only thing that accomplishes is making billions for people who are already rich, while causing more financial hardships on the working class. What complete utter nonsense!!!!!
Bingo........why the heck are we talking about this crap on an aviation board. Go back to the Huff post.
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