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Nice post Albie.

I guess I am just parsing DW's email, but he said the poll found 52% in favor with 3% margin of error, so he called it a dead heat. But does that automatically mean that 48% were against? Weren't there any "Don't know" voters. I guess I am just saying that I would like to see the breakdown so that I have a better understanding of what they have found.

I am against all of the back seaters losing their seniority. Use it to bid each and every month for your engineer line, and I will never complain a bit. Honestly though, it is quite a windfall for these characters. It has been said, but these guys advanced while everyone senior to them left at sixty, and now they get to feast at the top of the list for 5 extra years. With all of the cost savings the company is pushing, is it really expected that the company should have to bear the retraining costs for about 200 guys? What kind of cost are we talking about that will come right off the bottom line - and all though I can't be called the biggest company man, is it right that Fedex should bear that burden?
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