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Congrats on your next opportunity! I'm sure you'll do fantastic.

I know what you're talking about missing the good stuff, and I hope you enjoy your great last trip.

I can remember one of my last trips. I'd been hired at my new non-flying job and but was still awaiting a start date. I was flying a leg into Miami, looking down on South Beach as I rolled out base to final, the weather was gorgeous, the water was crystal clear, the winds were light, and the plane was all trimmed up and ready for landing. In that one moment, everything with the pilot life was right...and if I could guarantee that feeling on every trip, gah, i'd have stayed. I turned to the CA and said "Boy...I'm gonna miss this, right here." And 5 years later, that's about the only part of the job I miss...the rest of the BS they have you put up with, flush i, cause you won't miss that at all!
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