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If only we could make direct [near] realtime observations of the top 90 feet of the ocean looking at the wind, temperature, and wave height. Gosh, if we could do that maybe the description would read like this:

The OSCAR product is a direct computation of global surface currents using satellite sea surface height, wind, and temperature. Currents are calculated using a quasi-steady geostrophic model together with an eddy viscosity based wind-driven ageostrophic component and a thermal wind adjustment. The model calculates a surface current averaged over the top 30m of the upper ocean.
OSCAR project information: Earth and Space Research (ESR)
Then to dream.... maybe there would be some enterprising grad student who would visualize the data, maybe like this: earth :: an animated map of global wind and weather

Sigh. If it weren't for the tragic loss of the SOB MH370 the reporters showing off their 9th grade educations would be entertaining.

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It can't be closed yet.....I predicted the following about 50 pages ago! It must come to fruition.
Right then! Back to chasing our tails!
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