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More ‘pings’ heard in Indian Ocean, MH370 search shifts further south
Three 'acoustic events' in MH370 search

Retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston confirmed this at a press conference in Perth, according to a report on the Sydney Morning Herald.

Houston said Australia’s Ocean Shield picked up the “acoustic detection” at an area some 300 nautical miles from where a Chinese vessel heard a similar electronic pulse yesterday.

“It's something that needs to be investigated. The search is a dynamic thing,” he was quoted as saying in the daily.

Yesterday, the Chinese ship Haixun 01 reported receiving two pulse signals at a 37.5kHz frequency, which is consistent with that of an aircraft's black box pinger, first on Friday and then again yesterday. Retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, who is co-ordinating the search, told reporters in Perth on Sunday the Chinese ship Haixun 01 had detected two "acoustic events" which provided "some promise" and required a full investigation.

The first signal was detected on Friday and the second, which lasted 90 seconds, was detected on Saturday within two kilometres of the original detection.

“The fact that we’ve had two detections, two acoustic events in that location, provides some promise,” Houston said at a press briefing in Perth. “We’re running out of time in terms of the battery life on the emergency locator beacon.”
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