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Originally Posted by SyGunson View Post
Malacca Detour Sham Evidence

At Beijing on 21 March 2014 Malaysian Authorities gave a briefing about the radar plot of a so-called mystery aircraft detected flying through the Straits of Malacca when MH370 disappeared.

??????????????? ??????[??] _????_???

The image of the military radar plot from RMAF Butterworth bears no relation to the claims made of an aircraft flying from VAMPI to GIVAL.

It does not corroborate claims by the Malaysian Government that MH370 flew from IGARI to VAMPI - GIVAL - IGREX.

This blog correctly identifies the falsehoods presented about an alleged detour through the Straits of Malacca:

MH370: Updated route, final radar plot (Updated) | Ogle Earth

In short there is no evidence MH370 ever turned west from IGARI and there is no reason to discount the eyewitness sighting by oil rig worker Mike McKay off south Vietnam of an aircraft briefly on fire.

Oil rig worker says he saw Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 burst into flames |
Oh my goodness information from a BLOG!!! The sky is falling the sky is falling!!!!!

I've got an idea....Why don't we wait and see if they are actually picking up a signal from the aircraft. Until we find the aircraft and retrieve the FDR the CVR we won't really know what happened. And until that moment every and anything said, written, or talked about is simply guess work, AKA B.S!
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