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I am glad the question of alternates to petroleum has been brought up, but it is wrong to assume a Military will be precluded. Where do those petro dollars end up? Much of it is invested in world economies, including our own.
I too am concerned about the environment, but I am also concerned with the economy and don't desire to see billions of people starve and freeze to death.

Best estimates of an entire conversion to alternate sources in the US send the price of energy up fourfold and would have the effect of creating cheap oil for that portion of the world desiring it. What would be the best and most feasible method given known and expected short term technology? Large scale use of Nuclear energy. Every other method remains a pipe dream.

Would this fix the weather? Does it need fixing? What is the ideal level of CO2 and what is the ideal temperature?That question cannot be answered at this time, but it is a fairly safe bet it won't fix anything.

We will always need oil in the foreseeable future, if not for fuel then for it's base in manufacturing numerous needed products.

The economic realities and the human condition must be considered carefully in any solution. We can't possibly grow enough corn to fuel our vehicles, but we could starve a lot of people worldwide by attempting it.

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