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Some excellent research finding that! The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I came into aviation in 1993. FOUR YEARS AFTER THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN. Every airline pilot I talked to in 1993 said that I was nuts for getting into this industry. Most of the ones I knew were furloughed from major airlines and working for peanuts at fly by night regionals. It took them YEARS (if ever) to get back to a comfortable life style. I remember one guy in particular who told me how at his first day of ground school at USAir the CEO came in and welcomed them to the "millionaire machine". They were told they were set for life. A couple years later he was scraping by at a bottom regional and divorced. About six or seven years later he got hired by Northwest, but, the point is that it was a bumpy career. And he was a "lucky" one!

I remember that incident because of the "millionaire machine" lecture, but there are many other similar ones, including mine. I guess the point is to not believe the snake oil salesmen at the airlines or the flight schools. Personally I think that there is a shortage of ATPs that will currently start over as regional first officers (at present pay/benefits/schedules/etc) but there is not an overall disconnect between the number of US pilots and the demand in the US.
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