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Originally Posted by 7576FO View Post
Our 777-300's have the upstairs forward for Pilots crew rest and in the back upstairs for FA's.
I've flown the 777-300 3 times now. Once as FB there is no air ventilation ANYTIME below 25,000' So if you're the FB it takes about 20+ minutes to BEGIN to cool down up there.

Your comments are interesting to me. I flew the 777-200 for DL and the rest facility was not authorized for occupancy below 25,000' for the reasons you stated. After leaving Delta I spent a couple of years at Air India flying the 777-300. The Air India planes also had the upstairs rest facilities, but they were authorized for all phases of light. The original Delta 777s were modified after delivery, so I thought that was the reason the ventilation was restricted on those planes. When I got to AI I figured the installations were done at the factory and were more useful because they were more of a standard component. At AI I had folks upstairs for takeoff and landing several times and no one ever complained about the ventilation. Now I wonder if Boeing has two different ways of installing those rest facilities.
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