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Thumbs down Hiring News at Xjt Crj

I was talking to a buddy of mine earlier today. Apparently Xjt has dramatically stopped hiring or maybe just hiring for attrition now.His sim eval was canceled and he was told hiring there is being reduced at this time , at least on the crj side.Also read on another forum that no crj classes are scheduled beyond July or maybe August and from there only a select few will be placed in a hiring pool?Anyone that wants to hire you into a pool in todays enviroment would deter me anyway.That cant be good.They are turning away qualified people at a time when everyone is hiring ever one they can.
I know Xjt is parking planes , and dosent have any new growth to talk about, so they may have done him a favor . Usually when hiring slows, then new hires go into a pool, then hiring stops , then furlough .He wanted Xjt so he could live in base ,so he is kind of bummed out about it right now, but he has a couple other offers on the table .My advice to him was go with the one that offers the best contract and qol, and yeah commuting sucks but it dosent suck as much as being furloughed, which is probably on the horizon for Xjt crj seems
.Skywest is getting new 175 s and they are just letting Xjt bleed itself dry I guess.No new planes or additional flying. So , yeah, maybe he is better off some where else .Any xjters crj feel free to chime in.
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