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This is the official union email about it on the ERJ side:

Training Center Furlough Notice

Today, ExpressJet management sent out a request to the training center for voluntary furloughs of flight instructors from the training department to line flying, in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement, prior to the potential of involuntary furloughs to line flying. The total number of potential furloughs has not yet been determined and will be provided by the Company at a later date. We have been in contact with management and they have informed us that the drawdown of the ERJ fleet is expected to outpace attrition. Training of new hires and upgrades will also decrease. As of now the Company has not canceled any upgrade classes or new hire training of pilots.

Your MEC will hold a meeting the week of June 9, 2014 at the XJT MEC Office in Houston. We strongly encourage all available pilots to attend. Your MEC will provide additional information on this matter in future communications. Please continue to stay informed and contact your pilot representatives should you have any questions.
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