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Default Thanks, have a seat in the back...JUST SAY NO

Originally Posted by 4A2B View Post
correct, and we should be doing an ongoing LOSA per the negotiated MOU to meet those requirements.

No one has to answer any questions from a QA observer, about sleep rest or anything else. The QA observers should be listed as JS and request permission to ride instead of being listed as ACM as that implies "member of the crew" just one of many concerns ALPA raises.

One of the most poorly run programs I have ever seen, without any input from ALPA to boot.
And I won't allow them in the cockpit. And I won't answer any of their questions. And they will be instructed to be at the aircraft 20 minutes prior to pushback.

They are not a required crewmember. They are in an entry level management wanna be program, and they could still make comments that put you in front of a training review board.

Fedex continues to do their own thing, unlike all other airlines that seem to crash a lot less jets...makes you wonder. LOSA yes, QA no.
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