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From another forum:

Be forewarned potential newbies...anemic/no growth in the past 3-years (in fact we've shrunk and the potential to shrink further is real with the accelerating death of the classic), 10+ years of no upgrade potential as the hiring boom a few years back flooded the seniority list with young/middle-aged pilots while our attrition to the majors is predominately from the lower half of the seniority list and engineer upgrades keep flowing to the top of the FO-list, my first year here was horrible as you have no union protection during the 1-yr probation sentence (be prepared to be a whipping post for crew scheduling in garden spots like Crap-istan and with things escalating in the middle-east who knows where next), 35-days away from home on back-to-back assignments, hours of being crammed in economy between two paki's on Afghan Air on 5+ hour international commercial flights due to scheduling ineptitude and "cost savings", talks of a legitimate contract that isn't full of loopholes (like our current one) have been on-going ever since arriving on property with little indication that progress is being made (sounds like HQ went to the Del Smith School of Management), and you better be confident in your ability to handle a 747-400 sim as we've had a significant number of training failures in the past year (the majors would love to discuss the events of that with you at an interview). Connie's paychecks are deposited on time though. My .02-cents...
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