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Default Delta C2015

Thought it would be better for C2015 to have its own thread to focus on the most critical contract of our careers. (IMO)

This contract will not just affect the Delta pilots, it will affect every pilot. It will set the stage for all who follow to return to pattern bargaining. Our MEC committed to a "historic" agreement in True Headings 14-2. I applaud them and support them 100%.

Executive management compensation at Delta is up 300% to 700% since Chapter 11 and they certainly gave no concessions to make these gains.

Granting more concessions like reducing profit sharing or longer freezes is simply unacceptable.

We have suffered enough.

It is time for us to share in the success we contributed over $15 billion and counting in life changing concessions to.

The following is an excerpt from a recent DTW Council 20 update:

Reducing Profit Sharing. The “public” debate about this seems to revolve around trading pay rates for Profit Sharing. This rumor could have originated or been bolstered by charts which have existed for some time and were recently included in the Contract History, which compare 2004 777 pay rates with 2014 777 pay rates with, and without recent profit sharing components.
Perspective: After decades of working agreements with profit sharing components that paid little or nothing, we believe that reducing profit sharing during a time of record profits with prospects for the trend to continue, especially considering the “restructured” industry environment and Delta’s drastically reduced debt and improved efficiencies and performance, is a bad idea. Furthermore, the pilot group has invested a significant amount in concessions over the past 10 years, and we consider any profit sharing to be our “dividend” for that investment. It would have been more constructive, and potentially perceived as more balanced, if some type of inflation-adjusted chart relative to the 2004 pay rates were also included.
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