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Originally Posted by tsquare View Post
You're pulling this out of your ass. There might be some stagnation, although I don't think with the upcoming retirements and hiring that anyone will know the difference. You certainly wouldn't be able to make any quantifiable comparison. Besides, in recent years when every AE was a backslide and 6 months apart, the training center was a ghost town. You really believe that a banded payscale will compare to THAT? I would be interested in reading your thesis to support that position.

Now. As far as the OP, I agree 717%. That post was absolutely spot on. When we had profit sharing and the company didn't have to worry about payout, it was no big deal. Now that they DO have to worry about paying us a little jenga.. it is. Not my problem, and if they want to "codify" that pay, it better be at a premium, and not dollar for dollar.

You have to wonder how he could even conceive of the 20% number. For that to be true the average pilot would have to spend 72 days a year in non recurrent training and pay banding would have to eliminate every single day of that for every single pilot.
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