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Default DOJ clears merger of America West, US Airways

DOJ Clears Proposed Merger Of America West, US Airways

WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- The Justice Department on Thursday cleared the proposed merger of US Airways Group Inc. (UAIRQ) and America West Holdings Corp. (AWA), a deal that would bring US Airways out of bankruptcy protection.

The companies announced their intention to merge on May 19.

"The Antitrust Division has concluded that the proposed merger of America West and US Airways would not reduce competition, and therefore has decided to close its investigation without issuing requests for additional information," R. Hewitt Pate, head of DOJ's antitrust office, said in a statement.

The deal, "which will create the fifth largest domestic carrier, will enable the merged airline to offer U.S. consumers more and better service to more destinations throughout the country," Pate added.
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