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Originally Posted by Ed Striker View Post
Make no mistake, you should not be held responsible for the mistakes of others. The airlines saw this shortage coming years ago yet they chose to ignore it. We're already doing legacy/mainline flying in regional aircraft. Now because we're running out of pilots, we're being asked to fly even more passengers for less money to cover the gap. I'm sorry but the last time I checked most airline contracts don't work that way. More passengers equals more revenue generated, more liability and more responsibility. For anyone out there that's still succumbing to shiny jet syndrome...SNAP OUT OF IT!!! The majors don't care what type of equipment experience you have so long as it's multi turbine time. Whether it's an E-145, CRJ-700 or even a Dash 8, it doesn't matter. Flying a larger "regional" aircraft with an extra 10-30 seats (an approximation depending on what you're flying now) isn't going to do anything to advance your career. In the end it's still a regional turbine aircraft and it all looks the same on paper.

As for the Piedmont pilots out there, I completely understand your frustration and sympathize with you. Those planes should have been retired years ago. I've flown on those Dash 8s in the middle of the summer. I know it's a damn sweatbox. It's not fair to you, and it especially isn't fair to our customers. Make no mistake though, we have to stand up to management. If we don't stand up to their shenanigans now, it's never going to end. What makes you think if this TA passes that management will honestly honor the contract? We've had numerous contract violations and grievances filed since our 8 year bankruptcy contract went into effect at Eagle/Envoy. Just remember there is always someone willing to do it for cheaper too. Management's quest to find a lower cost carrier will continue and once they find one they will be back for more negotiations. All it takes is for some low cost carrier (i.e. Great Lakes) to buy a bunch of shiny new RJs, start an aggressive pilot recruiting campaign at the major flight schools and start flashing ridiculous signing bonuses in the faces of these new CFIs. Kazzam! There's your new low cost competitive carrier and management is back at it again and threatening to send you to the unemployment line if you don't agree to additional concessions.

I've been at this company for 4 years now. My last reserve take home pay was $1,100. After paying my crash pad rent, car payment, "minimum" credit card payment and home/renters insurance I'm left with barely $100 in my checking account. It's only September 8th and I'm already being forced to use my credit card to put gas in my car and food on the table. I have over $10,000 in credit card debt. Despite numerous attempts to pay down my debt, it seems like I get screwed over every couple of months and end up having to put more charges on my credit card. We're highly trained professional pilots. We shouldn't have to live like this.

The bottom line here is there is ZERO justification for us taking any further reductions in pay or pay caps. We have to hold the line NOW!! Don't give into the fear. We're all professional aviators here. We're trained to cope with the pressure, deal with the emergency and get the airplane down safely. We're trained to minimize distractions and focus on the task at hand. Dealing with threats from upper management should be handled no differently. We have to stand strong, focus on the task at hand and refuse to think about the potential consequences of an unsuccessful outcome. Failure is not an option. We have to do the best to fly the airplane in the condition that it is in. There is no giving up. If we give up we're dead.

So what's the worst case scenario if the Piedmont pilots vote down this TA? The airplanes time out and Piedmont closes for good sending the pilots to the unemployment line. Considering the pilot shortage at hand I seriously doubt that's going to happen. Let's be honest here the Comair days are long gone. Anyone with 1,500 hours and an ATP certificate can basically have a guaranteed interview with any regional carrier of his or her choosing. I'm willing to bet it's not going to come to that though. However, I feel I have a moral obligation to do the right thing and not throw the next generation of pilots under the bus in an effort to potentially save my job and advance my career. We should all know by now there is no such thing as job security at the airlines. The kids of today are the future pilots of tomorrow. Unfortunately they don't have a say in any of this but we do.

Please hold the line Piedmont. I'm looking forward to the day when I can congratulate every one of you for standing strong and doing the right thing. Make us proud. We're all in this together. United we stand and divided we fall. Good luck and Godspeed.
My friends at Piedmont will not sacrifice their career for yours. Sorry bro. They held the line while the rest of their peers undercut each other, lied to each other, voted in 16 year contracts and other things. If they vote in this TA they will still have a better contract than most of the regional industry because nothing changes and they get a pure flow through. If they vote the TA in and they end up actually getting jets into revenue service and changes take effect they will still have a better book than lots of the regional industry.

If they vote the TA down it won't be because of pilots like you telling us to do what is best for you.
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