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Originally Posted by Lobaeux View Post
No. 4, 3, 2, and 1 day trips.

Curious as to why an ULCC model would cause 5 day trips? The ULCC model doesn't have much bearing on the guys sitting up front, it just brings in gobs and gobs of cash for the company (and hopefully for the pilots in the next contract).

I also wouldnt credit being an ULCC with 4-5 days off between pairings either. I typically roll between 17-19 days off per month.
Exactly why I'm asking. At F9 we just got peppered with a sickening number of 5 day trips for November. The new markets we're going into are requiring them apparently. I wondered if it was something you all dealt with visa vis Indigo? I don't even know I used Visa Vis correctly. Anyway, perhaps it has more to do with the lack of many domiciles. I just hope it doesn't last.
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