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Originally Posted by MaxKts View Post
If you are married - wherever she wants to live!
Excellent point, but see assumption #2. The only factor to consider is commuting convenience.

Originally Posted by Walter White View Post
Why would one be outside contractual protection from these locations?

Mr. White
I'm referring to the "no harm no foul" part of the contract. If you start your day commuting from Osaka you'll probably be outside the protection parameters.

FDX lag and Rock - great point about seniority. Some people stay junior to bid double d/h's, stay in the right seat of the 777 versus left seat of the 757, etc.

Add assumption #3. On average, you need to commute to Memphis 2-3x per month (FedEx or off-line) and deadhead 1-2x per month. Say 60-80% seniority range in your seat. Junior line holder or VTO.
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