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Default JetBlue & Alaska

You know this is something to think about, Alaska owns the west coast from a customer standpoint (boutique airline), JetBlue likewise out east, owns the east coast. Alaska owns the mexican flights, JetBlue owns the Caribbean. Mother delta is trying to show it's strength in Seattle from an international standpoint, what if both Alaska and JetBlue say screw you D and join forces. Seriously, when I have just as much leg room in the Even More Space (JetBlue) as I had when I last flew Delta a few weeks ago in FIRST, something is seriously wrong. Not to mention the Delta FA's haven't yet learned how to serve a first class meal. Last time I checked, the Mint service at JetBlue is far superior, and the Alaska First has always been great. Two great cultures known for their customer service, sounds like a kick butt merger. Now back to my Cognac and breadsticks on Delta.

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