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Originally Posted by justjack View Post
F me for wanting to have a reasonable discussion.
If you are over 55:
A Member (excluding members recalled from furlough) who initially becomes eligible for coverage under the Plan after the Member has attained age 55 must pay contributions back to the date the Member attained age 55.

So you back-pay from your current age (if over 55) down to when you did turn 55.

As to the company's medical plan limit, I thought Obamacare got rid of plan/lifetime maximums.

Check out the Affordable Care Act, and call the Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas number on your insurance card to verify.

If this is so, you may want to consider additional disability or supplemental income insurance. APA's plan kicks you out after 5 years, you may want to look at something like Aflac.

Contact an insurance agent, let them look at the APA's offerings, and shop that against what the agent may come up with on the open market. Also, check resources like USAA and AARP for qualified persons.

I have several insurance plans through USAA, and while it's not the cheapest, from my experience it's been the best-est.
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