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Originally Posted by NotPart91 View Post
I hate to be a Buzz Kill but I've seen the lack of Trauma Care/Protocols in Puerto Rico.

For everyone either working or on vacation in Puerto Rico here's my best advise;

Purchase or have OCONUS(Int'l) Air Ambulance Coverage as Puerto Rico is considered by some carriers as International.

I've seen 3 run-of-the-mill trauma cases that ended with unbelievably bad outcomes, (1 death and 2 ended up maimed/crippled, all separate incidents).

If injured while in the U.S. Islands; get stabilized and then Medivac'd to Miami ASAP, (this also applies to the USVI, St Thomas, St. John & St. Croix).

I wish Rosey Roads was still Active, as their hospital was able to stabilize trauma cases and their Navy Docs were good and the airfield was a 3 min drive to the waiting hot turbines, (for those that had Mil Access/Bennys).
Same could be said for Cancun, costa rica, and shreveport

Maybe we should stay home
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