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Originally Posted by Route66 View Post
Quit whining westie. You're getting what you get.
Quit whining "third listers". You're getting what you need.
Quit whining APA pilots, you're getting what you deserve.

I've got mine, just like you taught me.

The actions of this pilot group will soon be even MORE restricted after what happened with GermanWings. Embrace it because we've earned it with all the lawsuits, the name calling, the $300 bottles of "whine" and the backstabbing.

Enjoy the ride.

BTW American pilots read your CBS messages and be warned: Dissemination of SSI to UNAUTHORIZED personal is a federal offense.

How you act and comport yourself both in public, in uniform and in the cockpit will be heavily scrutinized so do yourselves a favor and FOLLOW THE SOP'S THE COMPANY HAS ESTABLISHED. THEY ARE APPROVED BY THE FAA. Consider this a public service announcement for the radical pilots here and elsewhere.

Good luck.
If I was going to advocate anyone I know at AA/U to be subjected to a psych evaluation, it would be you. I find it amazing you repeatedly place yourself in some supposed elevated psychological bubble of stable purity while simultaneously ranting and foaming about the inadeqacies and faliures of all those but yourself.

Of course, since you apparently believe me to be a Communist, I suspect you will reject my observations as liberal Marxist/Lennonist.

Carry on my amusing little baton-twirler and continue to lead the parade of the self-rightous !
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