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Originally Posted by 757HI View Post
Well well,

13 or more PHX/SNA turns just got dumped into open time for April.

Credit? About 2:33 each. (Thank you bobble-headed yes voters who never saw a company contract they didn't like, in their entire careers).

Looks like PHX keeping 5:15 in PBS until the Grand Combining (SLI) turned out to be more union double-speak hogwash.

The co. is wasting NO time implementing everything that is in their favor and taking their sweet F'ing time implementing everything else, oh, except those "industry leading pay rates"....

Bobble head says (sounding just like Gomer Pile):
"Look mamma! Gaw-ley! I bee a aerlan pylot!"

I think I'll go get some $450 bottle of wine to celebrate...

Thanks Bobble-Headed Army
They should pay the min duty day of what, 5:00 currently?

Didn't PHX vote almost 95/5 YES? If there ever was a base who couldn't complain, it's them.

As for not implementing the contract items, it's horse ####.
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