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Yeah, but how much of that traffic that CLT carries has to be in CLT?

Westbound connections can much more efficiently be handled through DFW/ORD.

Europe-bound traffic can much more efficiently be handled through JFK/PHL, especially if PHL expands. And also, for any passengers originating out west, ORD/DFW serve as good connection points to Europe as well.

Heading south, MIA covers just about everything.

Up and down the east coast, you have LGA/PHL/DCA.

It seems to me, the only traffic that needs to be going through is stuff around the central eastern coast. Thats not a whole lot. Sure, right now, those passengers have to connect somewhere, and that place is CLT. But, when synergies come, they're going to be reduced from where they can most easily be done... and that is going to be the cities that don't have a strong local market and need for a hub.

My guess is that CLT survives, at half of its current size.
- All Europe gone, except for maybe 1-2 flights on 767s to LHR... maybe flown by BA or staffed from another base.
- All Caribbean gone, except for the main cities, SJU/MBJ/PUJ/SXM.
- All smaller city west coast flying gone, leaving LAX/SFO/SEA/PHX/LAS.
- Lots of RJs and a only narrowbody mainline pilot base.
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