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BTW: That's me with my student standing in front of the Seminole on the pilot training page with the Blue Angels flying by. He was my ATP student that just passed his practical. We snapped the photo a few minutes after his exam and got the timing perfect. Great checkride photo.

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Galvin Flying Services, Boeing Field, Seattle.

I worked there for three years and have to say it's the best flight school I've ever seen. I've worked for two other flight schools. The Global Group in Glendale, AZ. Not too far from you. I also worked for American Flyers out of Morristown, NJ.

Galvin is the best by a long shot. The best equipment, facilities, and management. Now the pay is much better than when I left also.

Check the web site: The flight line is much better than the web site.

Galvin is now opening a flight school in Hawaii. Send your resume to Nick Frische. It's a great place to fly. I stayed with them for an extra year because I didn't want to leave and go to the airlines.
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