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66, Clearly you're trying to get the AA pilots to take up your "MDA equaled actively employed by Mainline" fantasy.

I happened to be looking for some OJI info recently and looked through the East Contract for some clarifications. A number of your fellow Easties on various aviation forums have been pretty radical about how they were "Employed at USAir" and should have been considered by Nic above West pilots in spite of the fact they were furloughees at Mid Atlantic. In the EAST Contract (for LUS and LAWA pilots, its on the "Wings", Flight Ops page) there exists some interesting language about the use of "Consolidated Small Jets" (Letter #91) that makes for fascinating reading (Make sure to read the "Attachments", that's the real meat and potatoes). It refers to MDA pilots as "Furloughed" and "Former USAir" and even talks about "recall procedures" to return to Main Line. Wonderful reading. Additionally, I seem to remember some language about "flowing through" to mainline for Mid Atlantic "off the street", new hires.

Game, set, match. Adios, angry grandpa.
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