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Originally Posted by SayAlt View Post
Wanna be happy?

Stop chasing a job for your happiness. You won't find it there. Instead...

Here is your password: Gratitude

Focus daily on the things you are grateful for having/experiencing/doing, not the things you don't/aren't. Realize the grass always LOOKS greener on the other side of things, but that's an illusion, and nothing worth having comes free.

The real secret to happiness is being happy with what you have today, right now, not falling for the marketing, gotta-have-it-get-your's-too propaganda all around us for what you don't have. Jealousy & envy (of anything) will keep you wallowing in misery. Keeping up with the Jones is for suckers and fake, plastic people. It's what "they" want you to do. Which means it's a pretty bad idea.

Fact: it is impossible to feel down/depressed when you are experiencing authentic gratitude. And you can choose to experience that anytime you want by simply asking "what am I grateful for? If I lost it today, what would I miss?".

Happiness and fulfillment is an awareness born from a mind-set and attitude...not a destination, a job, or a thing.
You're right. Something I've been working towards my entire life and still struggle with.
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