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Originally Posted by Sink r8 View Post
It was a mistake to use that word. I was using it as an example of categories unions might object to, not defining anyone as a scab. I also draw a distinction between guys joining a legitimate job in the past, and guys joining what might be demonstrated as a disloyal competitor in the future. I'm not sure what the future holds, but I suppose there could be a point where people don't get to play it both ways, and ALPA and the respective companies agree to either supress or recommend hiring of pilots away from the ME3. I honestly have no idea which of those it could be, if any at all. It's just naive to imagine that airlines don't make conscious decisions on hiring, or to think they don't consult with their unions on the subject, in the normal course of business.
Takes a man to admit a mistake, especially when cloaked in the anonymity of the internet.

When it comes to conscious decisions on hiring:

If ever those pilots or management appointed to a hiring committee at a US airline have contention with or hold a grudge that I or other pilots who came to the Middle East during a period of time when it was those very companies that chose to put on the street experienced human capital, and then feel that those unemployed pilots through some obscure sense of patriotism should have chosen a different career path so as not to in any small degree affect their bottom line… well I suppose they'll just have to make their decision. You'll excuse me if I'm less than apologetic to such absurdity.

When it comes to ALPA:

If they want to include as part of their lobbying efforts against the ME3 to influence airlines to unilaterally exclude from hiring any pilots who previously or are currently working for one.. Well then you have no reason to "black list"me, as I have no desire to be part (again) of such an organization which would use the careers of former members as a bargaining chip or scare tactic when their expat employment played no role in subsidies, open skies, or any other detriment (perceived or otherwise) to their membership.

I would really love a complete explanation as to how fellow pilots are the enemy and why they deserve to be punished, excluded, banned, or black listed, but I'll tell you one thing…

If management can convince unions not to hire pilots who worked a competing airline, that's a very slippery slope.
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