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Originally Posted by Sink r8 View Post

Speaking of lumping people together...

An example of doing it incorrectly is the Comair guys petitioning their management not to hire Delta furloughees while they were hiring.

Again, an incorrect lumping. I was there, and relatively new. Nobody asked me for my approval, or my opinion. Nobody I knew (a lot) was asked or told anything. I recall almost breaking an ignorant DL FO when he decided to touch me and accuse me of being part of the problem while we were collecting our gate check bags.

Don't "lump" 1500 pilots because of the actions of a few.

Don't know if I will ever come back stateside, but I DO like the idea of not paying ALPA ever again! Those few were the "special" union members and did nothing to benefit me. Complete waste of money for 8 years.

Good reading on this thread. The schooling and trolling of one particular poster was priceless
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