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Originally Posted by flynavyj View Post
Bait and switch. They're offering a $10,000 sign on bonus to bring in FO's...but aren't finding enough people.

So -

Offer an opportunity for CQFO's to join up. Suddenly you've sweatened the pot for anyone who wanted to get on as a CQFO at Trans States, but missed the big open window, and is still looking at years to upgrade. Bring em in, and then use them as FO's. Once you have enough on property, you're good to go and life continues as normal.

The company is then forced to pay the blended rate for a few pilots on property, as opposed to adjusting pay for the long term contractually and paying a higher rate for EVERYONE when you only wanted to attract a few pilots anyway.
Like anybody at Envoy, PSA, or Endeavor is going to leave for Gojet now. That ship has sailed.

But you are spot on with the FO shortage though. Was at the end of the jetbridge in STL yesterday with a bunch of deadheading Blowjet Captains who, after ranting about what a crappy place Gojet is to work, were saying they are constantly flying two Captains due to no available FOs. Guess they let Captains get right seat qualified to fill open time. I just stood there and smiled

All this was in front of a bunch of passengers LOL
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