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I went to their website to day and saw a name of a guy in their management team that sent shock waves through my body. AB, is a guy with a most infamous past. Fired from nearly everywhere! They even list his career on the site. This guys is a terror, and I feel even worse now as the whole management team are quite simply the worst of the worst. Skeletons of epic proportions in their closets. The recent Peoples Express experiment comes to mind, as well as Braniff 3 and Northeastern, if anyone remembers them.

Why is it always the flunkies that have to ruin a name and try and finish their careers by starting another airline when the business has clearly wanted them out. STOP!

This has disaster written all over it. As Did Ozark Part 2 as well. I yi yi. This is just madness I tell ya. They are all cuddled up in an office in the original EAL bldg on 36th street as well.
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