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Originally Posted by Hrkdrivr View Post
In contrast to that situation, I think ATL probably has the best controllers in the world.

You gotta like it when you're clearing the inboard runway, waiting for a chance to call ground and they call you first, "Delta 123, taxi Lima to Ramp 4."

Or, even better, on an early Sunday afternoon, landed ATL 9R, cleared at N10, tower (9R) says, "Cross 9L at Dixie, join Lima to the ramp, stay with me."
While on this, sometimes tower will instruct right after turnoff to contact ground on point eight, you switch over, and it is the SAME PERSON on ground frequency. Happens all the time in a larger delta I fly into late at night. Other times I'm able to taxi to ramp on tower. Why do you have me switch if it is just you and airport / frequency is not congested?
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