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Originally Posted by Sputnik View Post
In the realm of a flight, how he spoke to a ground controller is small potatoes. How'd the flight go? Have you ever shown up to work in a bad mood and snapped at someone you shouldn't have, then done a perfectly fine surgery?

I think the guy was out of line and deserved to get smacked down, but your example is a little over the top. I haven't seen any suggestion there were any safety issues with the flight.
This is actually a somewhat salient point.

I flew a 4 day trip with a guy, and the last "day" was a quick redeye from den-atl. An online pilot left his bag in the cockpit as he was deviating from his deadhead and riding back to atl. He left his bag where the CA normally puts his bag.

The CA lost his crap on the guy... full on yelling at him.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing- however 30 seconds after the the "offending" pilot left the cockpit with his bag, the CA was going "oh man... that was totally uncalled for." We had up until that point a great trip, and he was very enjoyable to hang out with on the layovers.

He operated at his normal level of professionalism with good conversation on the ride back to mecca- I did suggest he tried to patch things over with the dude he unloaded on.

I ended up on the employee bus with the 'victim" who said I'm so sorry for having to fly a trip with that a-hole. He didn't believe me when I said I didn't know what got into him, but he was really a good guy to fly with.
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