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Default UAL VICE CHAIRMAN on DAL TA (interesting..)


JUNE 24, 2015

A regular meeting of ALPA Council 34 was held in Seattle, WA at the SEATAC Marriott Kirkland Room on June 24, 2015.

Officers present:

Tom Murphy

Steve Burson

Members present:

Bob Steeneck

Kevin Harriman

Kim Weinstein

Bill Wheeler

Larry Knechtel

Madelaine Kenney

Kent Rhodes

Brad Schrott

Jeff Montgomery

Doug Mattson

1310 Meeting called to order. Tom Murphy opened the meeting with a big WELCOME from Council 34 to all the SEA commuters/former Council 27 members.

C-34 Chairman Dan Hahn was unable to make the meeting due to unplanned circumstances: Dan’s PHL - SFO flight the night before was delayed by more than 6 hours and landed him in SFO at 0300. Then, the 0850 SFO - SEA flight cancelled. Seems that the bad summer storms, UA’s inept management, and shortage of pilots on most fleets is taking a toll on the operation, including the SFO LEC.

1311 Motion to approve minutes from May 26, 2015 meeting.

Steeneck/Knechtel. Passed.

1312 Vice Chairman’s Report – Tom Murphy

DELTA TA – The DAL MEC accepted a tentative agreement (TA) by a senatorial vote of 11-8. The TA is now out for DAL membership ratification. Voting ends and the results will be disclosed on July 10.

After weighing the pros and cons of the TA, it is difficult to say if it actually moves the bar any higher. Instead, a compelling argument can be made that the bar will be lowered because the TA is rife with concessions in quality of life (QOL), healthcare, and possibly even job security. It might be a reasonable agreement if just the profit sharing formula was traded for higher hourly rates, but it is self-evident that far more than that was sold.

During this time of unprecedented airline profitability, it is puzzling why the DAL MEC opened early to only settle for a cost-neutral contract at best. There are valid arguments about the time value of money. However, these can be countered with equally valid arguments on the value of job security and QOL. The UAL MEC aims to get a briefing from the DAL Negotiating Committee if the TA passes membership ratification.

UPA Timeline – The amendable date of our current contract is February 1, 2017. Openers can be exchanged 270 days prior to the amendable date, which is April/May 2016.

This summer, contract surveys will go out to every pilot. Complicating the survey and contract timeline is that the sunset of LOA 26 and the JIT has not occurred. It is difficult to start focusing on the next contract if the current one has not been fully implemented.

Further complicating the timeline: the MEC officer and committee elections are in January 2016.

AMC Charters – Open AMC charter flights are now being listed in open flying as CLE 747. If you want to pick these trips up, you must call the Charter Desk. We are still receiving many complaints over the seeming unfairness of the process. Using the CLE 747 category is a step towards automating the pickup of these assignments, but, unfortunately, so far it has not changed the perception that the same handful of pilots pick up every charter.

Payroll – There are still over a dozen month-end pay items that need to be manually entered; training per diem, unused short call pay, middle seat DH pay, and fatigue pay to name a few. Check your pay every month, especially when you have one of these manual month-end entries. The list of pay items that are finalized at pay close can be found in CCS tool bar> Help>Other>CCS User Guide, page 33.

The 747, 320, and 76T fleets’ ACARS 1.0 are still not programed to properly capture block time (read pay clock). Every time there is a delay between setting the parking brake and having a door opened, a contractual violation has occurred. As of last month, there were 226,000 occurrences of this, successfully skimming from our leg-overs pay one minute at a time. If you want to be paid for those extra minutes waiting between setting the parking brake and having a door opened, document it in any possible way and contact the CPO.

737 QOL − There are no double ANF/WOCL trips built for SFO in July, but we have not heard a firm commitment from Manpower Planning to keep it that way. Fatigue calls are on the rise. If you call in fatigued, you only need to speak to the Crew Desk and file a fatigue report via FSAP. You are NOT required or expected to talk to an FODM or the CPO. When speaking to the Crew Desk, it is best to give them a concrete plan such as “I will call you back in 10 hours.” If you fly a segment and then decide after you land that you were fatigued, then please file an FSAP describing your experience.

Flight Duty Period (FDP) Extensions − PDRs are still coming in asking, “Where is my add pay for extending?” Unless you have been offered and you accepted add pay in exchange for extending your FDP from the Crew Desk, then you will not receive any such pay. See UPA 5-F-1-h.

The TK qualification/transition courses are currently highlighting the American Airlines flight 1420 crash in 1999 in Little Rock, AR. Operational pressures, bad weather, a long duty day, and pilot proficiency were all factors that contributed to the crash. The circumstances behind the accident along with the crash photos are a true wakeup to the seriousness of extending FAR duty limits. It is indisputable there will be added risk and work associated with an FDP extension. As such, it is incumbent upon each pilot to resist succumbing to operational pressures and always take the safest course of action.

If you refuse to extend, you should never be asked for the reason behind the refusal. There is one caveat to this: per MOU 16, a refusal for the first 30 minutes requires a fatigue FSAP in order to get paid. You merely need to state, “I was not going to be fit to fly at the end of the FDP if I extended, so the safest course of action for me was to not extend.”

Legislative Summit – On June 3, we stormed Capitol Hill with the following messages:

FAA Reauthorization Bill – Approve it, fully fund it and NO safety roll backs
HR 2050 – Eliminate the “Cadillac Health Plan” excise tax
ME3 – Enforce the open skies agreements with Emirates, Qatar, and Etihad
HR and SR 911 − Require secondary barriers required

Stay informed, participate in calls to action, and contribute to ALPA PAC!

C34 Legislative Committee − Volunteers needed! We need pilots that live in the Portland, Sacramento, and Monterey areas to help with legislative work. Please email us if interested for more details.

1355 Secretary/Treasurer’s Report – Steve Burson.

Divert Pay and In and Out Times − When diverting to a station where they do not open the doors, such as RFD and CYS, management will make up the “In” and “Out” times in ACARS to allow the generation of new flight plans, essentially robbing you of pay until you take action. In order to get the proper pay, you need to contact your CPO who will inform Crew Pay to make the correction. If after normal business hours, feel free to call the FODM. Additionally, management does not agree the ground time counts as flight time for FAR 117. Your union has asked the FAA for an interpretation. Be very mindful that when the company makes up inaccurate times, it could cause your CCO time to be inaccurate as well. FSAPs are always appropriate when this happens.

CCO Times − DO NOT takeoff after your ACARS printed CCO time by even 1 minute. If you decide to extend, ensure you have received a new CCO ACARS printout with valid CCO times. The FAA is taking a hard line on CCO violations.

Reassignments − The PDR hotline has been on fire lately with reassignments. The contract gets complicated as soon as you enter the reassignment phase. The best piece of advice is to ask the crew scheduler, “Under what section of the UPA are you reassigning me?” This allows you to get into the right section of the contract and is crucial information when you need further guidance from the PDR hotline.

MEC Text Messaging − It has been brought to our attention that many former C27 members have been dropped by the system for MEC Text messaging. Please go to and sign up to receive text messages.

1425 10-minute process break.

1435 Committee Reports

Membership – Tom Murphy for C34 Membership Chairman George Doung. Greetings to all members from the great Northwest and especially those new to C34!

Anniversary Pins − For those that may not be aware of the new ALPA National policy on anniversary pins, they will not be sent out on your anniversary date unless you request it through the ALPA website or by calling membership services at1-800-fly-alpa. The anniversary pin eligibility is generally a year after your hire date at United as your first year is considered to be on apprentice status, unless you are previously with another ALPA carrier. For example, you may request your 10th anniversary pin when you start your 11th year at UAL or your 11th year of active ALPA member status.

DCO & ACO − If you are going on Military or personal leave; make sure you call ALPA to let them know before your leave commences so that your dues are suspended while on leave. When you return, all previously selected automatic Dues Check Off (DCO) or Assessment Check Off (ACO) are terminated. You must fill out another set of forms or do it on line. If you are returning from leave and are part of a new hire indoctrination class, DCO and ACO forms are not part of the package that are being handed out. You need to get the DCO and ACO process going to avoid being surprised a year later with the annual ALPA dues bill.

Resolution: Membership Status Change

WHEREAS, some apprentice and reactivated members are eligible for active status prior to our next council meeting in August.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Council 34 welcomes and approves the following members from Apprentice to Active Status:

UAL 034 ALPA Number1882679 Timothy J. Ames Apprentice Member 07/08/15

UAL 034 ALPA Number 1888247 James W. Bell Apprentice Member 07/22/15

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Council 34 approves reactivation of the following members to Active Status:

UAL 034 ALPA Number 1459213 Khalid Fakhri Reactivated Member 07/22/15

UAL 034 ALPA Number 1434810 Brian W. Boggess Reactivated Member 07/29/15

Schrott/Steeneck. Passed.

Pass Travel − Jeff Montgomery gave an extensive brief on pass travel as well as business travel.

Issues involving IT, especially in regards to L-UA pilots who were hired at CAL before the ISL, have been mostly resolved. If you have ongoing issues, please contact the CPO.

Latest changes − If you make a positive space reservation for yourself, do not forget to have it approved by the PSC within 72 hours or the reservation will auto-cancel.

If you haven't checked out the latest version of the Travel page on Flying Together, it has been cleaned up and is more user-friendly. This is also where you will find the latest travel information and embargo status info from United.

With summer loads, it may be wise to use the myUAdiscount program which gives you 20% off the lowest available fare, positive space and you receive miles in Mileage Plus as well. You can use this benefit for yourself, spouse/DP, enrolled friends, children and parents. Extended buddies (including adult children) and regular buddies don't qualify at this time. You can find the link to this on the travel page in Flying Together. There will be an online pass travel survey put out by the union in the fall. PLEASE take the time to fill it out!

Legislative – Doug Mattson gave an update on our legislative fight on many fronts. From ME3 to the FAA reauthorization bill, we have a lot of important issues that we need to prevail on to preserve our profession. As line pilots, the two biggest contributions we can make are giving to ALPA PAC and responding to the calls to action.

1523 New Business

Resolution: SFO CPO leadership

WHEREAS, the SFO CPO and its leadership have established a documented pattern of pilot harassment, pilot pushing, and intimidation, along with a bitter contempt for the United Pilot Agreement, and

WHEREAS, the SFO CPO has made a habit of inserting themselves in the aircraft refusal process, a process developed by management that does not include anyone other than the captain and the dispatcher, in an attempt to bully, badger, and threaten crews into accepting an aircraft, disregarding the crews genuine safety concerns, and

WHEREAS, the SFO CPO has made a habit of calling members and harassing them about their justified and valid use of sick leave in an attempt to intimidate them at their homes in front of their families, and

WHEREAS, the SFO CPO has denied valid expense reports covered under the UPA out of spite, for example they denied proper hotel walks in direct violation of the UPA with the reason given that “no other crews have issues with this hotel,” and

WHEREAS, United’s very own Working Together Guidelines specifically states, “United is committed to a winning employee experience via building dignity and respect, powering through teamwork, and fostering open honest and direct communication”, a guideline that the SFO CPO does not live up to, and

WHEREAS, the SFO CPO attempts to intimidate members with comments such as “there is a new sheriff in town” and “you don't want to highlight yourself,” in attempts to invalidate crews genuine concerns by overshadowing them with veiled and explicit threats of discipline, and

WHEREAS, the SFO CPO management are members of ALPA, and

WHEREAS, the ALPA Code of Ethics states “An Air Line Pilot will keep utmost in his mind the safety, comfort, and well-being of the passengers who entrust their lives to him are his first and greatest responsibility,” and

WHEREAS, the ALPA Code of Ethics also states “An ALPA member will conduct all his affairs in a manner that reflects credit on himself and his profession,” and

WHEREAS, the ALPA Code of Ethics further states “An ALPA member will not falsely or maliciously injure the professional reputation, prospects, or job security of another pilot,” and

WHEREAS, the members of Council 34 find it disrespectful to see management wearing the ALPA pin when their actions violate the ALPA Code of Ethics as well as the integrity the pin symbolizes and the SFO CPO has NOT lived up to the ALPA Code of Ethics.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the members of Council 34 condemn the actions of the SFO CPO, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the members of Council 34 direct its Officers to place the highest priority in communicating to senior management their lack of trust and respect for the SFO CPO, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the members of Council 34 direct its Officers to begin data collection on efforts made behind the scenes each time interaction with the SFO CPO is a direct result of their disregard for the UPA, but ultimately solved outside of the grievance processes. These efforts bog down ALPA volunteers with unnecessary work. The collected data may be analyzed for patterns and potential future grievances/actions, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the members of Council 34 direct its Officers to have the ALPA Code of Ethics removed from all SFO CPO management offices, and then instead display them in common areas such as briefing areas and crew rooms, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the members of Council 34 direct its Officers to encourage the SFO CPO management to NOT wear their ALPA pins, and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the members of Council 34 direct its Officers upon the passing of this resolution, prominently display it in the SFO CPO.

Schrott/Steeneck. Ruled untimely.

1530 Motion to go closed and off the record. Schrott/Steeneck. Passed.

1542 Motion to go open and on the record. Knechtel/Steeneck. Passed.

1545 Motion to adjourn. Montgomery/Wheeler. Passed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Burson
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