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Originally Posted by rube View Post
I like the part where they complain about ALPA pins. That's what effective leadership looks like. What a hen party.
This is the part that refers to us, rube...

DELTA TA The DAL MEC accepted a tentative agreement (TA) by a senatorial vote of 11-8. The TA is now out for DAL membership ratification. Voting ends and the results will be disclosed on July 10.

After weighing the pros and cons of the TA, it is difficult to say if it actually moves the bar any higher. Instead, a compelling argument can be made that the bar will be lowered because the TA is rife with concessions in quality of life (QOL), healthcare, and possibly even job security. It might be a reasonable agreement if just the profit sharing formula was traded for higher hourly rates, but it is self-evident that far more than that was sold.

During this time of unprecedented airline profitability, it is puzzling why the DAL MEC opened early to only settle for a cost-neutral contract at best. There are valid arguments about the time value of money. However, these can be countered with equally valid arguments on the value of job security and QOL.
The UAL MEC aims to get a briefing from the DAL Negotiating Committee if the TA passes membership ratification.

Any comment on that?
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