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Default Crop Dusting in California

Hello all, I am new to the boards.

I apologize in advance for my questions, I searched and a read a few threads that have already been made on this forum and have done a lot of recent reading on the subject.

I want to get into aerial application. I had thought about it a few years ago (I am now 20), but with a push I ended up in Ag Business, then to mechanized agriculture and diesel technology to pursue a career in the mechanics field. Now with a handful of certifications, and due to completely unforeseen circumstances, I am now operating a farm and chemical application company. I have my QAL and about 6 years of real experience on the chemical end of it. At this point in time, we can do just about anything called upon us, minus crop dusting. A few times my father had mentioned getting into it, so after some research in how to go about getting the credentials to get into this field, and the range of startup costs, I want to take the next step. I have located a school about 45 minutes from me that does training for a commercial pilot license, and I know of an outfit that I could talk to about getting into it, also about 45 minutes away in the opposite direction. From other posts that I've read, it seems that the best route to take would be to do grunt work for an outfit until I get a real opportunity. I'm wondering if my background would suffice in this situation? It is not something I'm opposed to doing, but I also have two separate businesses to run. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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