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Originally Posted by HoursHore View Post
While I appreciate the NC all their hard work and look forward to a TA, I'll say the scars of the last year of CRS shenanigans are still red and raw. I'll definitely be reading sec 25 and all language regarding trip revisions, base replacement, substitution, etc with a skeptical and detailed eye. There is no loophole or loose language the company won't exploit.
I absolutely agree with this. Also, the pay raise must be very significant, no concessions at all, and language whereby scheduling can abuse us must be fixed.

I have a long memory, and the company has done significant harm to the pilot's goodwill. It may be too late to get that back even after the contract. I think the company grossly misplayed their hand to their detriment for a long time to come.

The company should look to the Delta pilot's rejection of their TA and make sure it doesn't happen here. I'm essentially a no vote when handed the TA and have to be convinced that it's worthy of a yes. I'm that disgusted with their tactics this go around.
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