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Originally Posted by SilentB25 View Post
I have accepted a start date of September 14, 2015. Class is in ATL. Any one else have this start date? I chose the CRJ, any recommended study materials I should catch up on prior to training? Generally how long is the training? Do I get to choose 200/700/900 or is it assigned? See you in class!!

Don't study before starting the class, they will guide you. The training is 5 days of basic indoc, 8 days of systems, 3 days of GEN OPS and 10 sessions of simulator. You will have FTD sessions, a written test and oral/procedures exam. After all of that, finally, simulator. Don't think it will be fast because they give you some days off, go prepared to stay in training for 7 to 8 weeks. You will have opportunities to go home but I don't recommend, unless you have something urgent, because you will have low seniority and that can be a pain in the [email protected]$% depending on what city you will commute from. If you need more info just PM me.

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