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Originally Posted by JoeyMeatballs View Post
If you don't live in base, you can't make money here. It's just the way the pairings (min day/ trip averaging) are built. Precisely why I will never understand why guys here have such a Hard-on for 150% open time pick up, our energy should be spent on making a solid hourly rate, so we can all make good money on 72 hours, not premium pay so we can spend our days on FLICA Waitig for a trip
My problem with the 150% is that it was given away by a bunch of socialists. In return for that, we got the pay scale you see on your paycheck twice a month. Had they gotten something of substance I think people would be happy with no 150%

If I were a manager and read Lobaeux's post, I'd think you were getting a pretty good deal.
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